Creek Flower Mosque


The site is located on the banks of the Dubai Creek, with the Ras Al Khor Wildlife Sanctuary to the west of the site. This is a RAMSAR listed conservation site, home to an array of protected flora and fauna.

Dubai Creek Harbour occupies the ideal Dubai location. Only 10 minutes' drive from Downtown Dubai and 15 minutes away from Dubai International Airport, residents and visitors alike will have seamless access to two major Dubai roads, Al Khail Road and Ras Al Khor Road.

The Mosque itself is placed in line with the Creek Tower and Linear park axis.

In the front part of the lot is located a huge Mosque Plaza with spaces for seating and wide communication paths. In this part is also a Minaret, that clearly locates Mosque even from a big distance.

Rectangular 5505m2 prayer hall and huge mosque plaza provide more than enough capacity for worshippers and tourists as well. Two large amphitheaters are oriented towards the mosque so the visitors can sit and admire this unique building as long as they wish to.

On the back, Facade has emphasized a Mihrab, and thus the Mecca Direction. There is also space for seating in this area, from which can man nicely see the Mosque and enjoy in it.

The part of the object where Immam and Muathen’s premises are located is in many ways sheltered and separated in a functional sense.

Parking is located in 4 levels basement and provides 444 parking slots.

Mosque Architecture is such that, on one hand, emphasizes the traditional elements of one Islamic temple as such, and on the other hand with its minimalistic design follows contemporary currents.

On the Facade can be seen only one color – white, what makes the building grandiose.

Numerous openings on the Facade have multiple functions. The most important one is air flow in each direction, especially in Prayer Hall, because the Ventilation in climate conditions of Dubai, especially during the Summer is necessary. Nevertheless, through the openings shine the lights that are turned on at night, what contributes the beauty of the Building.

On the Dome, same as on Mihrab and a big part of Entrance Area is used a Pattern made of Islamic motives, which further emphasizes the type of the object it is.

There are four water surfaces that are planned that way so they reflect mosque and mihrab from different points of view. Also, all Materials which are used for paving have big reflection, and the shape of the Mosque is also painted in it.

The whole space is filled with peace and tranquility. It is imagined to completely meets the requirements and regulations of Islam.

Project name: Creek Flower Mosque

Typology: Religious

Location: Dubai, UAE

Year: 2018

Status: Competition Entry

Size: 9.630 m2

Client: EMAAR

Teammate: Danica Nešić

Tools used: Autodesk AutoCAD / Google SketchUp / V-Ray / Adobe Photoshop