Mountain Lake Cabin


The plot is rectangular in shape, facing up to the southwest.
The lakes are at 700m above sea level, the plot is about a hundred meters away from them.
Mountain climates are in the territory.

The building is located on the plot with its long side in the northeast-southwest direction.
Entrance to the building is from the south-west.
On the south and south-east, the building is mostly open.
A terrace overlooking the lake is facing north and east.
High greenery is present to a great extent.
At the entrance part, there is also a parking space for the vehicle.
By choosing and positioning high greenery, the wind is directed on the plot.

The construction of the building is a classical skeletal structure of wood (pillars and beams).

The green roof that contributes to the refreshment of the object in the summer and in the winter retains the heat.
The roof is single-sloped with a drop of 29%.
The ventilated wooden facade protects the interior from high temperatures, draws a diffused water vapor and reduces wall warming in summer.
Solar panels and collectors are placed above the greenhouse on the south side.
In the floor under one part of the building, there is a pebbly warehouse whose heating by the sun heats the object in the winter months and summer nights.

Project name: Mountain Lake Cabin

Typology: Residential / Sustainable

Location: Savat Lake, Serbia 

Year: 2016

Status: Project

Size: 120 m2

Tools used: Autodesk AutoCAD / Google SketchUp / Lumion /  Adobe Photoshop