Sarlah Bus Station


The goal was to replace the shortcomings of the existing station with this conceptual solution - i.e., to provide extended content and increase capacity. Currently, the city has its own bus station, which, according to its design, does not meet the needs of a developing city such as Pirot, so it is necessary to relocate the existing one - i.e., to build a new station.

After a detailed analysis of the location selection for the new station, it was decided to choose the location at the entrance to the city, in the Niš-Sofia direction, the busiest traffic in this district. The planned location is at the foot of the Sarlah hill, right next to the eastern part of the Corridor 10, which is under construction and near the tourist attraction - the medieval fortress "Momčilov grad".

The scheme of the traffic solution determined the positioning of the contents of the station complex on the plot. So, the bus space has occupied a position along the road, then a passenger building, which follows the rounded movement of buses with it's shape, a pedestrian space and a parking space sheltered by the passenger building.

When the basic content, which is intended for users, positioned on the ground floor, it has many advantages, and the biggest are definitely clear and short links between the content without the need for vertical communications. So in this case, on the ground floor, there is a hall with gallery, counters, sales, waiting rooms, restaurants, toilets, and wardrobes for the users. While the smallest part has occupied the administrative content that on the ground floor consists of an office, a first aid station, and a police station.

The basement is an energy service block with all necessary facilities such as workshop, warehouse, air conditioning chamber, heating substation, spare units, and kitchen storage.

On the first floor, administrative content with offices for employees based on the principle of open space, meeting room, driver's room, and toilets are located. There is also an exit to the flat roof in the service of roof maintenance.

The materialization of the facade is reduced to 3 materials: glass, plaster, and aluminum. Large glazed surfaces were applied on the ground floor facing the platforms, on the north side, the whole facade is plaster facade, while the facade aluminum panels were applied at the entrance.

In a three-dimensional view, it is more clearly seen that the curved canopy form represents the most striking element of the station. The paving of the hexagonal shape is given in 2 variants, dark and light which follows the gauge of the canopy and further emphasizes its character. That the main motive is the canopy is also proven by night renders where the illuminated form is associated with a clear movement in space.

The roads leading to the city form hills with rich vegetation that extend to the very entrance to the city. On the basis of this, this project is realized as a compound of the object and greenery which represents a transition from the natural to the urban environment and vice versa.

To create a pleasant atmosphere, good lighting is needed, which is why the emphasis is on large glazed surfaces, which bring in an abundance of natural light into the interior. Ambient lighting is also created by a large glazed cube at the exit to the platform.

Triangular, reflective panels on the lower side of the canopy further open the space and contribute to fitting into the surrounding ambience.

In the open-air waiting room, counters and porter rooms, there is a motive of recognizable Pirot Rugs, which is here to welcome travelers.

In a peaceful, northern zone of the building, dominated by a glazed restaurant that visually communicates directly with the surroundings and the beautiful landscape of the Sarlah hill. Then, there are windows that resemble the bus and together with the dimensions of an object that resembles a movement associate the observers on a bus trip.

The existing bus station in Pirot is a station with an unfavorable location and poor content. For further development of business, it is necessary to expand capacities, increase the quality of work and the quality of services towards users. All this is planned by this conceptual solution which, by its good sides, from a convenient location to rich content, represents a good start on the road from idea to reality.

Project name: Sarlah Bus Station

Typology: Transportation 

Location: Pirot, Serbia

Year: 2017

Status: Master's Thesis Project

Size: Building 1.050 m2,  Parking /Landscape 4.480 m2

Tools used: Autodesk AutoCAD / Google SketchUp / V-Ray /  Adobe Photoshop