Talent Hub


Talent Hub is imagined as a StartUp Center for individual and common work during pre-arranged hours and also Cultural Events.

Space is separated into two parts – left and right on the Floor Plan, based on purpose.

The left part is intended for Staff. It includes Offices, Conference Room and Common Working space. The right one is intended for once in a while Events and Courses.

This is one Avant-garde Project for Pirot as a town. It is a place where will primarily all interested talented young people get a permanent place for work.

Space is completely equipped with all necessary Technology and Accessories for work.

All talented people that would have a chance to work in an environment like this would not only fulfill their needs but also have a privilege to enjoy an Attractive Workspace.

This Project is approved by the government of Serbia and is currently in Progress.

Project name: Talent Hub

Typology: Office / Reuse

Location: Pirot, Serbia

Year: 2018

Status: On-going

Size: 291 m2

Client: ZIP Center for Youth - Business Incubator LLC

Teammate: Danica Nešić http://www.danicanesic.com

Tools used: Autodesk AutoCAD / Google SketchUp / V-Ray /  Adobe Photoshop