Urban White


The building is situated in a zone of the wider central area of the city, on Zagrebačka Street, very close to the Nišava river, where the low-rise individual housing in a consolidated neighborhood prevails.

The architecture does not pretend to be sophisticated, but simple and apprehensive with the neighborhood itself, for that it takes the environment and generates a dialogue with it.

Two apartments per floor, develop a total of three floors of housing plus a ground floor that contains one apartment with big patio, the pedestrian entrance, five covered garages plus four parking slots and the recreation and residence area. There is also a basement with storages, technical rooms, and snooker room. Apartments are about 150-160 square meters and all of them have big balconies to interact with the natural river environment. The flats are symmetrical on each floor, but their structure on the floors differs.

The yard is used as an area of recreation, this has a small rectangular pool that together with the green area makes an urban pause.

Project name: Urban White

Typology: Residential

Location: Niš, Serbia

Year: 2018

Status: Project

Size: 1.385 m2

Tools used: Autodesk Revit / Adobe Photoshop